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XFame Automobiles – Iffco Colony, Gurugram’s Premier Car Cleaning Service
We at XFame Automobiles recognize that your car is an investment and a statement of your personality in addition to being a method of mobility. In the center of Iffco Colony, Gurugram, XFame Automobiles provides premium auto cleaning services made to keep your car feeling and looking brand new.

Choose XFame Cars for Why?
Expert Team: We make sure your automobile gets the best treatment possible because our knowledgeable experts have a great deal of training and expertise in detailing and washing cars.
Cutting Edge Equipment: We offer excellent cleaning services that are tough on dirt but kind on your car using the newest technology and premium supplies.
Services Customized: We may provide a thorough detailing service or a quick wash to suit your particular requirements.
Eco-Friendly Solutions: To lessen our ecological impact, we give top priority to ecologically friendly methods including the use of biodegradable materials and water-saving methods.
Convenience: We are well situated in Iffco Colony and provide various scheduling choices to suit your hectic schedule.
Our Services
Getting the Outside Clean

Hand Wash and Dry: This method cleans your car thoroughly but gently to avoid scratching the paint.
Polishing and waxing your car adds gloss and shields the paint from environmental deterioration.
Wheel and Tire Cleaning: Gets road filth and brake dust off your wheels so they look brand new.
Interior Cleaning

Complete vacuuming of mats, carpets, and seats to remove dirt and dust.
Upholstery cleaning is the process of treating fabric, leather, and vinyl seats specifically to get rid of stains and smells.
Caring for the Dashboard and Console: The dashboard, console, and door panels are all thoroughly cleaned and polished inside.
Complete Detailing

Comprehensive Interior and Exterior Detailing: An extensive and painstaking service that attends to all cleaning requirements of your vehicle.
Cleaning the engine bay of your car safely and effectively will remove dirt and oil accumulation.
Headlight Restoration: Eliminating oxidation from your headlights restores clarity and enhances sight.
Personalized Care

Application of protective coatings to protect the paint of your automobile from dings, UV radiation, and pollutants.
Odor Removal: Cutting edge methods to remove bad smells from the inside of your automobile so it smells clean and new.
Long-lasting defense against water and grime that also improves the sheen of your car is ceramic coating.
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